Laurie, 28

Self-confidence / Image

When I met Dr. Barge I was an assistant in a field I both loved and was told I was quite talented in. But I had no (self) confidence and others had little confidence in me.


I’ve come to understand the roots of my fears but more importantly, Dr. Barge taught me how to carry myself, improve my posture and eye contact. We came up with clothes and colors, dark but flattering, to improve my appearance in a basically male dominated field of work. New hair cut, new clothes, posture, a walk and hand shake that conveyed confidence (even when I didn’t always feel it), I began to get the confidence and respect of co-workers/colleagues.


Today I am no longer an assistant. I own my own firm and have been successful enough to purchase my home (house!) in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Los Angeles.


My image and inner feelings have completely changed.


NOTE: Patient stories are real life stories. The identities are disguised and sometimes, a composite to protect patients. No identity should be assumed with any of these stories.