Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment in Los AngelesAddiction is horrible to live with, whether it is in you, a loved one, or within your family.  It is also something that is very difficult to overcome on one’s own.


If you determine that you would like treatment for Substance Abuse or some other forms of addiction, an individualized plan will be designed just for you. I am Certified in the treatment of substance abuse by the American Psychological Association.


Perpetuated by the media, many people believe that in-patient “rehab” is the only solution. “Rehab” means rehabilitation and it can occur in a number of settings and in many different ways.  Out-patient treatment with a Certified Specialist is very effective for most people.  If in-patient rehab is necessary, I will determine this during your consultation and will provide you with an appropriate referral.


Call now for your personal and private first appointment for addiction treatment in Los Angeles.


Arrested for DUI or Intoxicated in Public
I am qualified and have the credentials to do a comprehensive assessment and provide you with a report for your lawyer and the courts. Generally speaking, they respond favorably to recommendations and this can help you get a more appropriate sentence.


Crisis Coaching
For people living outside of California, the U.S, or those who simply cannot make it into the office, a one time consultation / coaching session is available.


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