Families & Couples

Couples Counseling
Couples relationship counseling in West Los Angeles is for any two individuals who are intimately involved and experiencing conflict. Sometimes called conjoint, it can be for friends or lovers, living together or separately. The root causes of the conflict are explored, identified and if all are willing, resolved.


Marriage Counseling
Marriage counseling is the same as couples counseling only the couple is married. When marriage enters the picture, our unconscious expectations and images of what a family should be come into play. Often people say that this is not the person that I married and sometimes, they are right. We do sometimes change with marriage. Counseling can get to the root of things and save the special love that made you marry in the first place. ¬†Don’t wait too long thinking you can fix it yourself; you don’t want to become a statistic.


Premarital Counseling
If you are planning to marry or form some kind of permanent union with your partner, you should seriously consider this service. It generally takes four to six sessions to examine your internalized images of what makes a good marriage or family, and what your “role” expectations are. This is will help you understand how to fix a relationship problem as they arise. This can help to keep you from unpleasant fighting, break-ups or from being in that 49% of all couples in the U.S. who divorce, many in the first year.


Family Therapy
Family therapy is a treatment that falls somewhere between counseling and psychotherapy. Families usually come in because of a specific problem and that problem is addressed and in most cases, resolved. ¬†However because families are “systems” not only do the individuals need help but often the overarching system that governs you as a group needs to be reorganized to function in a healthier way. This is generally determined early on (see Psychotherapy and Counseling).


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