Whether individual, a couple or a family, if you are considering Psychotherapy, your first meeting with me will be a consultation. This allows us to get acquainted with each other, evaluate your problems and needs, and together, decide what you would like to accomplish.


Crisis Intervention
With this consult, I will evaluate any type of personal or psychological problem of an emergency nature and provide you with recommendations.


Addiction Assessment
If you or a loved one knows or suspects you may have a problem with alcohol, medications or illicit drugs, a consultation will provide a review, evaluation and treatment recommendations. This may lead to treatment with me. As needed, referrals will be made or handled for you. If another program is required, it can be arranged.


Attachment and Loss / Grief Counseling
Our most emotional experiences revolve around the forming or ending of an emotional bond. We can become very threatened if we think we are losing an attachment. And losing an attachment is the most painful event of all.


This consultation is designed to help you determine what you need whether it’s help with your attachments, grief counseling because you have lost someone or a bereavement group.


Character Review
If you are a Lawyer, Screenwriter or other professional who would like insight into the developmental background, motivations and behavior of a particular character or personality, this consultation is for you.


Image Consulting
Explore how you would like to present yourself to the world. Whether personally or professionally, do you create the impression you want? Combining my background and experience in psychology and cosmetology, I can help you achieve it.


Dr. Barge Psychologist practice is located in West Los Angeles, and she has help many clients from Brentwood, CA to Hollywood, CA. Please call to schedule an appointment.


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