Psychotherapy & Counseling

What is psychotherapy? What is counseling? How does a Consultation differ from psychotherapy or counseling? Consultations can be one, two or maybe a few sessions and they may be spaced apart in time, depending on your needs.


Helps you to identify and find solutions for a particular problem. Generally, it is short-term because it is problem specific.


Psychotherapy Santa Monica - Dr. BargePsychotherapy

Is for people who have emotional problems, feel that something is wrong with them or are not happy in their life. Through a narrative process, you discover the causes of these problems, begin to see yourself more clearly and gain insight into that “story you tell yourself, about yourself.” You become aware of how you have positioned yourself in the world, and you get to know various aspects of yourself. As you shed old beliefs & defenses, let go of fear & resentments, your psychology begins to reorganize. You then can choose whether you want to live by that same “story” anymore.


This process takes longer, because so much of what you learn is new, and it is a process; a process that takes courage and patience. However, it can also be fun along the way and it is generally quite rewarding. How long it takes depends on your level of motivation and of course, the seriousness of your problems at the beginning.


You will talk about this in your Consultation.


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